Tasks that it expires to Forecast


I have sadly that I write this message.
When we put in Forecast deferred tasks, postponed tasks that due not shown as overdue. The problem is that disappear forecast.
This is true that is solved with a perspective of “Overdue” but if it is something that can be implemented. Why does not Omnifocus team do?
There are many threads in this forum talking about users who want this (me too) but the Omnifocus team does not want.
When I bought Omnifocus, I decided to buy it by an option (iOS and Mac), it was for its customer service department of Omnifocus, but this request is ignored.

Sadly, yes, it´s something useful for everyone, but they don´t want.
It is very easy, Forecast => Visualize => add option of deferred tasks are shown, easy, simple and for all, but may they don´t want.

I love posts that say “it’s easy to implement” :) OK then if it’s so easy then why not go build your own bespoke system?

OF is what is known as “opinionated software” it has a way of doing things and a feature set the developers deem relevant, and that is what they concentrate on, no Windows version, no web access, no collaboration and sometimes none of the hundreds of niche feature requests posted on here no matter how relevant they appear to one or two individuals.

For me OF is right, for others it may not be and that’s the democracy of the modern tech age, and it applies to word processors, text editors, project management, news readers whatever. If something does not fit use or try something else. Of course nothing is perfect, we all flit from latest app to latest app in search of that perfect feature set, which of course does not exist.

Software dev is not a democracy, Apple grew on one persons tunnel vision/obsession of what was “correct” and in the final analysis devs need to follow their instincts. Trying to please everyone is a receipe for failure. If OF did what everyone wanted we would all be bemoaning feature bloat and monolithic apps instead (think Word, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc).

I would rather see these forums used to show productivity tips share ideas of what can be done and provide community support rather than the consistent unthought through niche feature requests.


first apologize if you are upset. I’m a programmer, but currently I don´t develop iOS applications. When I meant easy to implement, I mean thinking about an application that costs 39 € + 20 € in iOS Pro version and 39 € in MacOS X + 20 € Pro version total. 120 € to use an application.
With all this money we paid, I believe there to pay several developers (a team).
I could write an application to do this? Maybe, but I do not do this, I look from the user side, I have not a team of developers at my office and I do not work in developing OmniFocus
Regarding my request, is this that many, many users have spoken to support by ticket and here in the forum have said many times and I think it is very useful for users.
From the user side, I try to Omnifocus team reassess this option.
If this application was cheap, I probably would not bother to ask this, because I understand it, a higher price = more work to develop application.
I never say that OmniFocus is a bad app, I appreciate your great work, I’ve tried many applications and I have never spoken badly about OmniFocus. For this reason, for my lists and projects, I bought and I use OmniFocus.
Just I wanted to leave this message for the team to reassess this option.
I would repeat, did not say that OmniFocus is bad app, I love it, but maybe a system to listen to requests that many ask would be nice or a good reason (I haven´t seen a good reason to carry out) it would be good.
I hope you’re not upset, but I also hope you understand me.

A greeting!

no not upset at all :) OF ask I believe that feature requests are mailed to them, and not posted on the forum it’s just that most ignore :) and the forums take on a negative aspect rather than a positive one.

ok, i’m happy.
I am satisfied with the team has read my request.
These you say is big truth, tickets are closed conversations and forum is open and it takes more negative than positive things.

A greeting TheOldDesigner.


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Software dev is not a democracy, Apple grew on one persons tunnel vision/obsession of what was “correct” and in the final analysis devs need to follow their instincts.

I agree. Sometimes I read these posts and it makes me imagine someone going onto Metallica’s website and asking why they don’t play the tuba on more songs, bemoaning that they’ve had over 30 years to get this fixed, now, and complaining that they “don’t listen to their fans” when tuba solos appear to be not forthcoming.


I really wish I had put it like that :)

Hmmm…it’s so tempting

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@PGR You may have just scored a victory over the whole internet. Thank you for this post.


Yes this is a feature that many want, and is sorely lacking, but most of us don’t bother posting such things any more here due to the type of one-sided bully response you just got. They apparently don’t have real work to do, and nothing better to do than high five each other for bullying anyone that disagrees with them. They complain about your post, but then do the very same thing in theirs. The mark of children. The rest of us have work to do. Email your request to the devs, and explain how you would use it.

Okay, whoa, I’ll apologize immediately if anything I have said came across as bully, that was certainly not my intention at all. I found an earlier post funny, and didn’t see it as bully either, but a humorous expression of the point of software not being a democracy.

I’m sorry if my participation hurt any feelings.

That said, this is a user forum, and we can’t impact the roadmap of development. It is absolutely right that emailing Omni is the path for feature requests and engagement with the Omni team.


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Errr… Have I missed something? Can’t find any bullying here. They? Whom? What?

If someone felt affronted on someone else behalf (symptomatic of the 21st century it would seem) let me make it very clear this was not my intention either. As for the rest of the comments made I will try not to feel hurt myself.

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