Template script no longer works in OF2

Hi, I make heavy use of a template script (not the C Suave one, can’t remember the author’s name). Anyway, it worked perfectly all through the OF2 beta but fails on the App Store version. I get an error from the following section:

tell application “OmniFocus”
tell default document

Error is:

error “OmniFocus got an error: Can’t get default document.” number -1728 from default document

Any ideas please?

Update: this isn’t restricted to this particular script, I’m getting the same error on quite a few, including the ‘Populate Template Placeholders’ updated by Chris Curtis for OF2. I’ve reverted to the last test build for now which still works fine, but only 32 days left before that expires, so need to figure this out!

Did you purchase from the Mac App Store by chance?

Yes, it was from the App Store, that’s where I purchased OF1 so I stuck with that for the upgrade.

Did you mean this template script download from http://cmsauve.com/projects/templates/ ?

It works fine on my OF 2.

Hi, yes it was that one. Funny thing, I’ve managed to get it running now. I needed to keep working so I removed the App Store version and kept using the trial version. In the absence of any ideas here I tried the script on the MAS version again and it worked fine. It hadn’t worked until I’d reinstalled the trial. I’ve now removed the trial and the MAS version’s still working. Hopefully that’s the end of the matter…

Ultimately, it works fine. The script is powerful, enjoy it. I think maybe the problem is you used the MAS version.