Template Sidebar has Layer contents collapsed but Doc opened from it does not

Is there a setting somewhere I have missed? I have made sure nothing in layers was selected before saving the edited template.

Sorry about this trouble. I am unable to reproduce this issue with OmniGraffle 7.4.3 on Sierra. I’m seeing the layer sidebar honor the last collapse/expand state you were in, but I could be missing something important. If you choose Contact Omni from your help menu, attaching a sample template that displays this behavior would help us. Please let us know your macOS version if possible.


With help from Lanette I found a perfectly usable workaround. Starting with new document from template, Option-click on the sidebar’s canvas triangle to collapse everything, then a plain vanilla click on the same canvas triangle to expose collapsed layers. This option-click to do something more violently is probably a design pattern to be discovered elsewhere in the product.