Templates of anytime tasks?

At present, I keep a perspective for all of my ‘next actions,’ as well as one for a group of On-Hold projects in a ‘someday’ category.
I also keep a top-level folder called ‘Background Chores’ that is excluded from these and gets its own perspective. This contains household chores I could do anytime, that doesn’t have true defer or due dates. Things like cleaning the sink, emptying the garbage cans, etc. These tasks each repeat in varying intervals, but the intent is just for these to be tasks that can be done anytime, not ‘next actions’ to clutter up that list. If I flag any of these tasks, they show up in my ‘flagged’ and ‘today’ perspectives.
What I’d prefer to do, I think, is to think of these background chores as ‘someday,’ and to selectively create new ‘next actions’ out of them during daily and/or weekly reviews. I suppose the best way to do this is to save the ‘background chores’ projects to the Someday folder, place them on hold, and manually copy and paste tasks over to my next actions lists/projects. The problem is that I use OF on iOS 90% of the time, and this would introduce friction.
Just wondered if anyone has already done something similar or has any solutions I wouldn’t have thought of.