TestFlight: OmniFocus 2.12 Featuring Peek/Pop

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We just started a TestFlight of OmniFocus 2.12 for iOS that features Peek/Pop for rows, allowing you to see an actions details or the contents of a list via 3D Touch. 3D touch also allows new actions for rows (like postpone), that we’ve also exposed via Swipe.

If you’re interested in testing the feature, you can sign up on our test page and we’ll try to get you in as soon as possible.

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According to changelog:

OmniFocus 2.12 Test — February 8, 2016
• Peek and Pop — You can now peek a row to see a preview card and get quick actions, and pop to the item editor.
• Swipe Rows — We’ve added a More button that allows access to the same actions available via peek.

  1. “Review”, not “Preview”.
  2. On iPad Air 2: the “More” button doesn’t include a “Review” option (iPhone 5s does).
  3. On iPhone 5s & iPad Air 2: purchased “Pro upgrade” is not restored (and can’t be).

Regarding the points you raise:

  1. It should be “preview”, as the pop up card gives you a glance at the item.
  2. If you believe this is a bug/oversight, file a bug using the “Contact Omni” button in Settings.
  3. The in-app purchases, like the pro upgrade, work a bit differently in TestFlight releases. As stated in the release notes, you’ll have to “purchase” it again, but you won’t be charged (the app will explain this, too, when you tap the button).
  1. I wrote “review” since the “More” button (iPhone only) includes “Due Today”, “Due Tomorrow” & “Review” options.
    So I guessed that was a typist mistake in the changelog.
    Anyway, “review” option is not mentioned in the changelog, “preview” option is absent in the “More” button.

Ryan is right—the name of the view that appears when you Peek is “preview card”, at least for now. I guess I could have made that clearer in the release notes with capitalization.

If there are situations where More and Peek don’t show the same options for the same item, can you send us some screenshots showing that item in both situations? Thanks for your help.