Text color of Actions (black or gray) does not make sense

I am trying to understand how Omnifocus 2 chooses the text color of my actions. This behavior currently makes no sense; I find it to be both annoying and useless. Perhaps understanding the logic might help make the behavior more useful.

Currently, Omnifocus 2 displays my Actions as black text or gray text. My understanding from reading the manual and other entries in the forum is that it should work this way: In sequential projects, only Available actions are black while the rest of the Actions are gray, while in parallel and single action projects, every task would be treated as Available and therefore shown in black.

This is not what happens. Instead, in single action projects the text color of the action seems to be completely random. For example:

Here we see four tasks that are included in a single action project. The first three tasks were entered within a minute of each other and have the same due date. The last task was entered after the previous three. None of these tasks are dependent on anything else. Why are the first two tasks in black and the last two tasks in gray?

Generally, I find the gray text to be hard to read. That’s fine for tasks that are not Available (deferred, due date in the distant future, etc.). But in a single action project, every task is ostensibly Available; I want this tasks in black so that they are easily read. Additionally, I want the text color to be consistent. As seen in the screenshot above, some times tasks created on the same date with the same due date have a different text color. This does not make sense. Why is Omnifocus acting as if these similar tasks have different availabilities?

Any insight to what is going on here would be appreciated.

Quick question … Do you have all of the contexts here set as active? Are any of them on hold?


All of my contexts are set as active.

Failing a Defer Until (which has not arrived), or a context being On Hold (as @DrJJWMac mentioned) it certainly seems as though all of those items should be in black text, as they’re all Available. Please select File > Rebuild Database..., which will refresh the cache, and see if that helps. If it doesn’t, then it may be helpful to look at an anonymized copy of your database; please email us for more information. Thank you!

I figured out what’s going on here!

It’s actually not assigning random colors to tasks. The tasks change between non-bold / bold-grey / bold black depending on whether they have subtasks and whether those subtasks have been completed (see screen shot for examples).

Anyway, I feel your pain, Soto97… it’s bugging my OCD as well… especially since the light grey appears even lighter in the iPhone app. If anything, the light grey should be reserved for an action where all the subtasks have been checked off… or better yet, make it all black (or black+bold), unless there’s some logic behind it that I’m not considering.

Oh well… I guess I’ll just do some deep breathing mediations and learn to be at peace with it. :)