The Latex symbol is missing when reopen the file

I am using the text box first to type the latex formula I want and transfer that by using the service ‘Latexit’, and it works well. But when I reopen the file, all the things in the text box is missing.

How could I fix this problem?

Are you using the latest beta version of LaTeXiT (2.8.1 beta 6)? The release version may have a problem because it is using an older release of Linkback.



I just update the LaTeXiT to the 2.8.0 version, but the same problems still exists. Could you help me?

You need to try the 2.8.1 beta 6 version.



Thanks, the problem has been solved when I use the 2.8.1 beta version.



The same problem happens again even when I am using the version you mentioned.

Perhaps the problem is this. You should type the LaTeX equation in LaTeXiT, compile it, copy the result, and paste it to OmniGraffle (as a PNG or PDF figure). When you double-click on the equation, that should open LaTeXiT to re-edit the equation.

IOW, I think your mistake is, you are typing the LaTeX equation as text in a textbox and expecting LaTeXiT to compile it. That is not the purpose of LaTeXiT.