The long and winding road

I have just upgraded to OF 2 on my iPad. Four factors caused me to change from being a continual hold-out using OF 1 on my iPad.

  • The ability to order my custom-built perspectives on the home screen in the way that I want to use them AND to remove the built-in perspectives that I have no need to use (Inbox …) was finally built back in to OF 2. This was the main reason that I stayed with OF 1 until now.
  • The above option was a free in-app purchase for me (since I had OF 1 on my iPad)
  • The upcoming bundle offer will allow me to upgrade my iPhone to OF 2 for free
  • When I would wait until the bundle offer is available, I would pay more

I immediately notice, the startup is a bit “cleaner”. Since my custom icons (and their colors) for my custom perspectives also carried over, I am additionally happy. I would have been a bit upset to find the iPad shows a washed out view as the current desktop version does.

–> Should OmniGroup be listening here, please DO NOT start down the path to make the iPad left-bar entirely “neutral colors” as is now on the desktop version. Please DO NOT start to think that we have to have flashy color changes in the background of the panels when we click a different perspective icon. I like my colored icons for my custom perspectives, and I like them always on a flat background. Any changes would be … a big time disappointment.

In summary, since I have been rather vocal in a negative way about the loss of features in going from OF 1 to OF 2 across all platforms, I thought to balance now on the positive side with this note about a positive step at least on the iPad.



I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the ability to batch edit tasks on the iPad. I sent in my feature request via e-mail already.

The iPad app is getting closer to the Desktop version and it is starting to become a capable stand-alone app now.


Even better, it looks like Omni is working to making the entire home screen customizable in the next update, so custom perspectives can go anywhere, even at the top :)

I’ve pretty much given up on my iPad now that I have an iPhone 6 Plus, but OmniFocus was the one missing piece… It looks like the new universal version will finally address that.

A thousand times yes! The good news is that for the near future, at least, it seems that the colours will stay in place, and in fact the predefined badges on the built-in categories appear to have remained colourful as well (e.g. green for nearby, red for forecast, etc). It was in fact those choices that convinced me to finally add more colourful custom icons in OmniFocus – since they didn’t show up in the iPhone version before, and were bland on the Mac side, there didn’t seem to be much point in using anything beyond the built-in ones.

I think OmniFocus 2 was a big redesign from OF 1 on the Mac side, essentially almost a complete rewrite, but I have a feeling that Omni has already crossed that bridge when it released the 2.x series, which goes all the way back to 2013 in the case of the iPhone version. I know that OF for iPhone 2 wasn’t well received by some, but I’ve found it to be a vast improvement over the prior version, and I do think more people came around to the iOS versions than the changes on the Mac side. I’m okay with OmniFocus 2 for Mac, but there are still things I miss from v1. I can’t say there’s anything I really miss from the pre-2.x iOS versions.


This mirrors my growing sentiments exactly.


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I prefer the iPad version now to the Mac version, it looks excellent on the retina display. I have the pro upgrade so perspective works now. Some extra styling would be nice (like in the notes) and moving items around should be easier but overall this is a very good upgrade now,