The mysterious addition of emails to my OF2 Inbox

Hello All,

I’m sitting with a very unusual situation. Over the past few weeks, I have occasionally come across Email items in my OF inbox, that were most certainly NOT placed there by me…

As in, the message wasn’t selected and added via the Clip-o-tron, or the Quick-entry, or via forwarding to the OF email dropoff address… I’m a bit perplexed, to be honest – but also intrigued.

I’ve tried to replicate the occurrence, playing around with adding Flags – since I figured this might have something to do with it (all added emails were flagged at some point in Mail.App on my Mac) – but doing same doesn’t repeat the addition…

I’ve certainly not added any Mail rules. I do have some Alfred OF workflows installed – but again, nothing that was triggered at the time, that might explain the additions…

Any suggestions on where I might even begin?

Hi @Cassady,

Sorry for the trouble with this! If you’d like us to help investigate this with you, could you email Troubleshooting may involve examining some of those email-actions and I don’t want to potentially expose any of that information online.

Any chance it’s a IFTTT recipe you forgot about? I did that once.

Thanks Anne - will be in touch.

Not as far as I know. I’m having a close look at Dispatch on my iPhone though. I cannot find anything as of yet, but wondering if starring something there, might not pull it through.