The new forecast tag


An action that has no due date needs my attention, probably today. I could flag it, but now in OmniFocus 3, maybe I should give it a forecast tag, If I have to ask, does that mean I should just stick to flags? What’s your view?


I would flag it, but flags are still a main part of my workflow. If you’re trying to squeeze all the important stuff into the Forecast view, then yes, you’d need to use a forecast tag if you’re not giving it a due date.

Since I use a lot of flags, I’ve used other things in my forecast tag. I used my errands tag for a while. Currently I’m using an ‘avoiding’ tag to highlight things I know I’m procrastinating and want to circle back to.


I flag all importan items, and tag all items that need to be visible with the forecast tag. The flagged ones need completion. The tagged ones not particularly so


I call my forecast tag “Attention!” in order to keep certain items on my agenda that do not necessarily have a date to maintain their position. I was quite uncertain as to how useful the new forecast tag was, but it’s beginning to grow on me.


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