The Perspectives option item is not visible

I am using Omnifocus 3 on iOS.

The Perspectives option list does not look like this:.

How do I make it look like an attachment?

Is the perspective you’re looking at a v3 perspective? Or is it still in v2 compatibility mode? (What options are you seeing?)

i am using v3.

OmniFocus 3 supports editing both v2 and v3 perspectives. If you scroll down to the bottom of the perspective editor, right above the “Delete Perspective” option should be an option which either says “Upgrade Perspective” or “Downgrade Perspective”. If it says “Upgrade Perspective”, you’ll want to tap that to turn the perspective into a v3 perspective.

For more detail, see the “Upgrade or Downgrade Perspective” section of the OmniFocus manual:

If that’s not the issue, please post more detail about what options you are seeing, so we can help you navigate those options.


The items I want are shown in the list.

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