The problem with Tags - How do I find the RIGHT info?

I am struggling with the concept of tags, not in the basic sense (I know what they are) but in the ‘Useful organisation and retrieval’ sense.


If I tag and item 2018:Agenda

When I search I will find ALL things tagged 2018 and ALL things tagged Agenda.

Can I use the search’ 2018+Agenda’ to get an AND search in Omnifocus Mac 3.0?

Otherwise, tags can be a nightmare. Either a million micro tags or brainsqueeze trying to find something unique enough to describe the data but not so unique that I can’t remember it, AND short enough that it isn’t a PITA to type.


I would think about what lists I want to be able to generate for myself for future reference, and then create tags based on those to be able to generate them rather than creating tags and reverse engineering how I find actions about them, but that might be just how my mind approaches these kinds of situations.

Perspectives allow for complex rules to look at actions based on tags and other criteria in multiple combinations for sure.


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WOW! Interesting, in that that this is not an idea I considered. Cool!

Don’t know if are using the 3.0 beta. If so can you do a ‘X+Y’ type of search in perspectives? The combination of a “plan for tagging” and ‘X+Y’ vs ‘X or Y’ searching would be amazing.

I’m still on the ‘X+Y’ Idea because I know from experience that any ‘locked in’ idea with data breaks the first time you have a new data point or new direction. In that way, flexibility in querying the data is best.

The OF3 Mac beta has the same capabilities for perspective construction as does iOS (support doc for that here), and here’s a quick screenshot of my Errands perspective:

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Of interest, the rule for tags can include multiple tags, and the rule can state Tagged with all of or Tagged with any of, and you can nest your rules under various grouping if All of the following, Any of the following, and None of the following, so there is a lot of flexibility in building up rules (Pro version).

Hope this helps!


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