The Theme-Sharing Thread


Thanks for sharing this excellent theme! Now my daytime theme of choice!


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ScottyJ's "deturbulance" Theme

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What is “badge foreground” and “badge background”?


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i trust the link worked?


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Evernote-inspired Theme

Is it possible to change the colors and background colors of the calendar in the inspector while maintaining other colors in the inspector?


Answering myself here :) According to a reply in another thread this is not possible


New returner back to OF (2 - I used to use 1)…

Have been following this thread with interest. Thanks!

May I ask a question to which the answer is probably obvious, please?

Those who’ve developed Themes are posting the sources (=urls) here, aren’t they; there’s no other repository, hosted, perhaps by Omni, is there?



@MarkSealey Unfortunately not. Or at least not yet. @kcase has promoted this thread on Twitter as the call to action for theme-seekers, so I don’t know if anything else is happening.

Has anyone spotted any other places where themes might be being collected/shared? A community forum thread isn’t the most usable approach to the use case of discovering new themes.



Thanks, Scotty!

This seems a great place to start - so I’m happy :-)

Maybe someone could aggregate all the actual sources once a week and pin such list into a child thread?

Or would @kcase, list them in the post on the Omni Blog, please?

Presumably in an upcoming release of OF the concept will be fully integrated anyway?



There was the old OmniFocus themes web site that was a repository for OmniFocus 1 themes. It’s an interesting trip back through time

Dunno if the site creator is still around lurking in the OmniForums?


@wilsonng Wow! Thanks for the ride in the way-back machine. It’s been ages since I have even thought of those!



Jon de la Vega’s name is there. Was it he, of was he the site builder?

Something like that for OF 2 would certainly be useful, wouldn’t it.