Theme Property for Selected Line?


Hi folks!

Maybe I’m blind from over-tweakery, but almost done the theme I want to work from as an ultra-light variant on the light theme. The only thing I can’t seem to sort is the property for the selection of a line item (default is a light blue, with a darker stripe on the left if selecting in the main area, no stripe when selecting from sidebar).

Can anyone point me to where that lives? Maybe it’s not supported in the




Hm, and also in Quick Entry too, I guess, which also has a right-hand darker stripe.


Hi @deturbulence! OmniFocus uses your system-wide highlight color preference to determine how to display that selection. This is for consistency with other apps, which use that color (or an algorithmic variant of it) systemwide to indicate selection. You can find this preference in the General pane of System Preferences.


Oh. Rats. Okay :) Thanks for the info, @tekl! I guess my theme is done, then.

Is there a common place where folks are posting/sharing?




I don’t think so yet. Maybe you should start a new thread here?


That is a great idea. Done.