Theme support gone in OF3?

I forgot that it was there, but today I had an idea of changing the font used in OF3 and it seems that theming in OF3 was removed again. Does anyone know why?


Themes aren’t currently supported in OmniFocus 3. I recommend emailing the Omni Group if you’d like to see this feature reintroduced. The easiest way to get in touch with them is to choose Contact Omni from the Help menu in OmniFocus for Mac.


Done so,

we’ll see what the answer will be. :)

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I will quote what I heard from Omnifocus support since I’m not sure I can rearticulate meaningfully:

"The customizable interface was highly valued by the customers that used it, but the vast majority of our customers did not. Since that code made the interface more complex, more fragile, and slowed down development, it was actually a net loss to most of our customers. "

The representative seemed pessimistic that themes or any means of changing the font would be reintroduced soon because they had “fewer than 10 requests to do so”.

It’s some information about the process, but still comes of as a bit of a non-answer. It sounds like he was saying that they were running late on the release for version 3, so they scrapped the functionality knowing that it would negatively impact some customers. It’s not clear why that functionality has not been reintroduced since the launch of OF3.

Omnifocus becomes an extension of your own cognitive economy and is something that customers visually interface with on a very frequent basis, so forcing a unappealing (or appalling ) font/appearance has a substantial negative effect on customers’ experience.

So, if you are reading this and would like more control over the appearance of Omnifocus OR if you’re happy with the appearance but believe that others should be able to choose fonts or theme colors, please email (or choose Contact Omni from the Help menu in OmniFocus) and let them know.


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