Thinking of buying Omniplan

I’m thinking of buying Omniplan as a replacement for SG Project Pro. I have a couple of questions. 1. Do users find it a professional tool to use for serious business. 2. Does it have functionality to calculate and record project risks. i.e. a risk register.


No risk register - as far as I know, only SG do this

It is a professional tool and I use it for serious business (I’m a freelance project manager). It o=works well, on the whole. I have two minor gripes, one of which Omni can’t do anything about:

  • Most of my clients are Windows shops, so I have to keep chopping and changing between OP and MS Project. The import and export work pretty well, but not perfectly. That’s not Omni’s fault, snd as long as I insist on using a MacBook, I’ll have to live with it.
  • Omni’s UI style uses more screen real estate than I’d prefer, personally. Not a show-stopper.

In some ways, I prefer Merlin Project - a more compresses UI - but Merlin becomes stupidly expensive by the time you’ve got your desktop, your mobile and your server. OP isn’t cheap, but it’s much better value

Nick - thanks for your response, that’s really useful.

Like you I’m a PM and use a number of tools, but keep coming back to SG because of its flexibility, ease of use and ability to write reports. I also like to keep risk and issue logs in one place.

I’m still trialling OM, and at the moment I’m finding it inflexible compared to SG.

I looked at Merlin too. I agree with you its extremely expensive for all the tools; I can’t justify that right now.

Thanks for your thoughts