This app is expensive! It should be feature rich! But it's not?

We all have our suggestions but it seems some of our request are a bit of a no brainier, especially when less expensive apps offer some of the requeted features already. For me, customization across all devices (iPhone) and multiple context are missing. Let’s be real. Non of our lives are so simple that one context fits all! This is Omnifocus for crying out loud…it’s supposed to be customizable and the standard for productivity software! Not to mention it cost a arm and a leg. It seems there should be no lack in features for the price!

For instance if I have a task to pay my cellphone bill that context can be relevant to my Mac and my iPhone. I don’t Like having to choose and be stuck with one context when I could select combinations of context that apply to my immediately situation. The way things are now with context I sit at my Mac only to find tasks that I could have handle on my phone while I had free time between meetings. Can we at least have the option to activate tags to accommodate the context?

I don’t know… am I alone in my thinking?

yeah, i’m curious to see multiple contexts as well. It’s more of a curiosity thing for me. It was nice interesting to have tags in Things but I ultimately rarely used it.

But in your example, I just created a context called @online. When I’m online on my Mac or my iPhone, I can pay my bill.

If I’m at Lowe’s or Home Depot, I just create a generic context called @Hardware Store.

No, but this question has been asked many times and answered just as many. It’s a design choice, and contexts are different to tags. There are ways to solve this problem, and OmniFocus is already quite complex and feature loaded.

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If Mac and iPhone are both workable contexts for a task, then either the task could use more specificity or the two contexts need a parent context like @computer or @online. I have, for example:

-@MacBook Pro
-@Work PC

All tasks that can be accomplished by an online device are labeled @computer. Anything that I need a particular device for are given the context of that device.

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Thats a good idea. I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks!

You have a good idea as well. I’ll take all of your suggestions for a spin and see how it goes.

Honestly I’m still looking for that “Thing(s)” that justify the price of this app versus less expensive options. I came from 2Do by Guided ways and I loved it for the ability to customize pretty much the whole experience and it allowed for multiple tag filters (which is why the thought of one context bothers me), but i like the way Omnifocus handles projects so thats what made me give it a try…everything else is not as impressive…I guess I just don’t see the other benefits of which everyone else says makes this app is so great and makes a person so willing to drop $80?

what works for one person doesn’t always work for another person. Every person’s demands will be different.

For someone like my sister, Apple’s Reminders is all she will ever need. For someone who needs collaborative features, Asana or some of the other multi-user apps are better.

I came from the Things world but left for OmniFocus’ projects features that you mentioned.

When I check out some of the podcasts, it seems like more bloggers are talking about OmniFocus or Evernote. I rarely hear about some of the others.

For some of us, $80 was worth the price. But not everyone will realise the $80 value because we all have different workflows.