This forum's slowness and/or unavailability


Not a complaint - I visit two Discourse 2.2.0 forums: this one and RapidWeaver’s.

The latter almost always loads instantly. Unfortunately, Omni’s seems to have become slower and slower within the last few months.

Within the last week or so, I’ve been getting quite a few:

502 Bad Gateway

As I say, not a complaint; but I wonder whether others are noticing the same thing - and whether there are plans to address it, please.

I’m on a very fast AT&T U-Verse connection (every other site I visit also loads almost instantaneously; Omni’s can fail and/or take up to 60 seconds +) in Southern California.



I use the Discourse app for iOS sand haven’t noticed this loading any slower than other Discourse forums (and I know that Automators and Mac Power Users are running the latest versions - I update them myself). That said, I’m based in Europe and all of those are on US servers - but I’m not seeing anything like a 60 second load time.


Thanks, rosemaryjayne.

Some days definitely better than others.

I should have said that for me this is on the desktop (10.14.3), Safari 12.0.3


I’m on the both the Omni Group forums regularly (usually on my Mac, sometimes on iOS) and haven’t noticed any speed-related issues. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen the 502 error.

So, the issue could be specific to your Mac. If you haven’t already, you might want to try clearing your browser cache. It would also be interesting to see if the issue shows up in a different browser (e.g. Chrome).


Thanks, Tim:

  1. same on FF and Chrome
  2. cache clearing makes no difference
  3. importantly, it really is very intermittent/sporadic. This morning it’s been loading in < 3 seconds!


You’re welcome, Mark. It’s odd that you’re seeing the same issue on Firefox and Chrome. I’ll let you know if I notice any performance issues.



Thanks. Yes - I have to suspect that it’s network or sever-related.

Again, - with no changes to my settings or environment - to look at your post now took no more than three seconds.

Yet last night (no extra load on my cabling, routing or hardware that I’m aware of) I got the 502!


If you continue to see the 502 error and/or performance issues, I recommend emailing the Omni Group at to make sure they’re aware of this issue.


Of course; Yes - OG staff also keep an eye here.

But, Yes, I’ll certainly do that the moment I get it again… if I do :-)


As a general rule, it’s good to report any issues via email. This forum isn’t an official support channel (more info here).


Yes. I have just done that. Thanks :-)

The truth is that I know how busy the team is - especially with the recent release of OF 3. And - because the fault is intermittent - don’t want to distract the great folk at OG from more pressing matters…


I’ve noticed occasional slowness from time to time as well—usually when first logging in at a time when the forums are likely somewhat idle (like early on a Sunday morning).

My speculation was that some (old-fashioned non-SSD) hard drive somewhere was spinning down while idle, so I asked our sysadmins to investigate. They’ve now updated the power management settings for the main drive on the system which hosts these forums. We’ll see if that helps!


Thanks, Ken! Seems to be much better now :-)


Although it has been getting slower and slower again within the last few days.

Worth looking at again, please?

                              # 502 Bad Gateway

at 21:20 PDT today.



And again tonight:

502 Bad Gateway


If someone at Omni has a mo’ to take a look, please, I think it’d be in everyone’s interests… Thanks :-) .


And yet again:

502 Bad Gateway


It seems to happen in the evenings/night.

Anyone, please?


Hi, Mark! Our sysadmins don’t monitor these forums, so the best way to get this back in front of them would be to reopen that support ticket you emailed about last month. (A simple reply to the last email in the thread will automatically reopen it.)


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