This (OF3 beta) download requires authorization?

OF prompted update on launch and the credentials sent for my original beta install are not working?

Is it asking for a web login with username and password or asking for your Mac admin password to unlock Keychain?

Use the web login that you were given initially to download. You will also need your Mac admin password later.

It doesn’t actually say which to use.

And when I try to use the login I was given to download, it doesn’t work.

For me, the download requires the credentials given to me by Omni, i.e. my email address and the password they provided. If you want to save that into your keychain, then it will require your Mac admin password.

Hello? Do I really have to call / write Omnigroup about this?

If the credentials provided in the email aren’t working and it’s definitely not a system dialogue box popping up then emailing OmniGroup is the fastest way to get support.

Double-check that you’re using the exact credentials that were provided in email. In particular, make sure that any letters in your username have the exact same capitalization as they did in the email message, since those authentication credentials are case-sensitive. (This is the most common underlying problem we hear about with using those credentials, though it may not be what you’re encountering.)

If you’ve double-checked that those credentials are correct, you might also try scanning the Keychain Access app to see if you have some stale credentials for stored in there from a previous private test cycle. Perhaps it’s finding and using those instead.

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I am sir! Copying and Pasting! Also - no credentials regarding in my keychain…
Thank you for getting back - and for the fine work on OF3 - and for sending my test invite!

for me its my Mac log in info…