Thoughts/feedback on Everdo?

Long time lurker - learned a bunch about OF and productivity from the forums.

Tried Things, 2Do, etc… and use OF religiously.

Recently came across Everdo (I’m in no way associated with the project) and figured this might be a good venue to solicit thoughts/feedback. It’s still in beta and somewhat unpolished but the core workflow / implementation seems useful.

Mods: If this belongs elsewhere as it’s not directly related to OF, I’m happy to repost.

Computer only with no sync and no mobile? That’s like Things and OmniFocus were in 2007 :-)

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I downloaded it and kicked the tires. It comes closest to Things 2. It doesn’t really compare to OF2 any more than Things 2 did. The offline aspect would be fine for a task manager I use at the office.