Thoughts on Theming

I heard that Ken asked for our thoughts about theming.

I loved theming in v1. It covered just about everything in an easy to use way.
Theming in v2 was convoluted, please don’t go there. It needs to be built in, and easier to use.
I think the layout spacing in v3 is very good, and I don’t feel any need to change it.

So, for theming in v3, I’d go much simpler, and just allow us to set the color or style of specific text. Others may feel differently.

  1. User selectable colors for due, overdue, flagged, next available, and single actions*; with the ability to specify the colors separately for light and dark mode.
  2. The ability to have the selected colors to affect the status circles and flags in addition to the text. (I prefer orange text for due, which gets confused with orange flags.)
  3. The ability to have the selected color affect the due date text rather than background.
  4. The ability to have group and projects listed in bold (they may actually be bold, but they are not quite bold enough to be easily distinguishable)
  • single actions are very different than first available actions and absolutely need a separate color. First Available actions are usually in projects that move goals forward. Single actions are usually actions of things to maintain.

I’d also want the above to sync over and apply on iOS.


Yes customisation including bold italics and font sizes axrosss the app. And all devices.


While any amount of themability is preferable to none, I think more is better with a very personal tool like OmniFocus. I’d love the ability to modify as much as possible.

I’m in OmniFocus all day, every day. I use it for tasks from the smallest list of unlinked todo items to large sets of connected projects with many nested sub-groupings. Its value as a frictionless productivity tool would increase if I could engage with it in whatever theme works best for my own needs. A stock set would be great, but even better would be to create and share our own complete themes.


I’d love theming to come to iOS, even if it’s a set of pre-determined themes.

What I’d also like to see is some sort of border around or alternating background colour on groups to more easily distinguish them on the phone.


Completely agree on all of the above. Anyone know if this had been requested ?

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I have requested this. But it would help if all of us do. The more they hear from us, the more likely we are to get what we want.

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Can’t agree more w all the above. One thing I’ll miss from Todoist is the ability to re-skin the entire interface - it helps keep my brain awake when using an app that I have to “obey” so often. Will submit a request.

Will do too

Another vote for this.