Three things I would like to see in OmniFocus 2

While all in all I like the changes in the new version, I think three important features of OmniFocus 1 have been lost: smooth clipping from Mail, quickly adding duration of actions, and the ability to manage project focus in Review. I really hope OmniGroup can consider these in 2.1.

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Have you tried making a project-based perspective for reviewing? The “Next Review” grouping is still there; I’ve had success with it.

Can you be more specific about what you’d like to see regarding “smooth clipping from Mail”? I’ve posted that I want to see cursor control placed in the subject line instead of the note field, but other than that it seems to be working well.

To me the “smooth clipping from Mail” is what existed in OF 1:
1 - Just the subject of the email in the action item (I now have the entire email header)
2 - Body of the email in body of the action item (this is there now)
3 - Link back to the original email (doesn’t exist now)


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Pete, I get #3, a link back to the original email. It’s in every email I clip.

Re #1, I don’t get that at all. I get the subject of the email as the title of the action.

Sounds like you’re seeing some weird behavior I’m guessing is unique to you. Or maybe I’m just lucky.

I’m not seeing any strange behavior with this either.

rmathes, I guess I’m not so lucky! What I see in subject is the message header including sender, time, recipient, etc.

Here’s what I’ve done -
From OF 1, installed the Clip O Tron
In Services I see, “OmniFocus: send to inbox” and OmniFocus 2: send to inbox". I selected OF 2…
Then from Mail, select the service

Is this what you’ve done? Would love to get this working!

I will say this, I had some VERY weird behavior initially. It seemed like OF was getting confused with both OF1 and OF2 in applications, and with services enabled for clipping to inbox for each of them. It was ok initially, but once I upgraded to the latest beta of OF2 then things got weird. So I moved OF1’s app file to a different folder and went to services and de-selected clipping for OF1 entirely. It was weird, right after that, when I would use the shortcut to clip to OF2 (which was different than the one to clip to OF1), it still tried to clip to OF1. I manually clipped something by highlighting a mail and going into the services menu and selecting clp to OF2’s inbox, and after that all has been well.

Wonky behavior to start, for sure, but now it’s working cleanly.