Thumbs up for OF Field Guide!

This is a bit of a smoke-blowing exercise, but this week I’ve been going though David Spark’s video-course, and it’s really very good.

I’ve been using OF for nearly 5 years, and I thought I knew everything I needed to make my workflow happen. Some features I didn’t really use because I thought they added complexity, and some things I did use, but felt there were gaps.

Now I have a system that’s flexible and water-tight, and I am running a few tweaks over the next month to see how they hang together.

In particular I am using a “today” list that combines “due soon” plus flagged items. This is the final output to my task planning process. It is so powerful, because I can choose what I want to work on today (that gets a flag), but still see what’s due (stuff I need to work on). Because I have limited “due” just to those items which have firm deadlines, my “today” horizon is flexible and manageable, and it’s small enough to be actionable whilst still providing a good horizon showing what’s coming up. I love it.

There are a few other things I am playing with, and we’ll see if they add value.

The OF field guide has provided so much information, and I wouldn’t have the knowledge to make these valuable adjustments without it. Thanks so much, David!

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