Time and location settings for Context status

It would be amazing if there was a setting for contexts where the status would reoccurringly change based on time.

For example, I make a lot of business phone calls and many are in different time zones. The context would be “active” say between 9am to 5pm and then “on hold” from 5pm to 9am.

It could also be useful for errands. You could set the context to only be active during store hours.

Also, if Context status on iPhone could change based on location, that would be very cool. (Ex: My “Office” context would only be active when I’m at the office)


That’s a great idea, and it looks like we’ve got an open request for it! If you wouldn’t mind, could you email us with your suggestion, so we can add your email to the file in our development database. This allows us to better track the input we’re getting from customers like yourself. Thanks!

Sure! I’ve sent an email.

I was just looking for this feature, for the same reason. I have a “phone” context that is available in many perspectives (“next actions - home”, “next actions - work”, “out and about” etc) but It’s a drag to make a “home in the day time” “home at night and weekends” “work in the day time” “work at night”, etc., just to take into account that phone calls are only useful to show when the other party would be around to pick up the call.

Any updates on this feature request from July 2014 being looked at?