Time offset for actions in recurring projects

Hi everyone, I’m new to Omnifocus and need some help setting up some recurring projects, with actions in them that need to be deferred based on relative dates.

For example, I want to make sure to bring my laptop home from work every Friday afternoon, then on Saturday I need to run some reports, and then on Sunday I want to make sure I return the laptop to my briefcase so I won’t forget to bring it back to work on Monday morning. Then I don’t want to think about any of this again until the following Friday-Saturday-Sunday, and so on.

I’ve got a sequential project called “Don’t forget the laptop” and chose “Complete with last action.” Its defer date is this Friday. I set it to repeat every 1 week, using assigned dates, every Friday. When I add actions to it, they inherit the defer dates from the project. The defer date for the first action, “Bring laptop home,” is correct.

But the defer dates for the second two actions, “Run reports” and “Return laptop to bag,” should be Saturday and Sunday respectively. When I choose +1 day for the defer date for “Run reports,” it uses today’s date as the reference point, suggesting tomorrow - but I what I really want is for it to use the project’s defer date as the reference point. If I select Saturday as the defer date, it looks like it will work for this week only, but not for following weeks.

Can someone explain to me how I should set this up? Thanks so much!

I would actually do this a little differently:

  • Defer the project to Fridays
  • Make the project due Sundays
  • Make the project sequential
  • Add notifications (iOS only right now) to do the Saturday task.
  • Remove other due dates and defer dates from the tasks.

There’s nothing wrong (I presume) with running the backups as soon as you get home Friday night, or Sunday morning - providing you put the laptop back in your briefcase Sunday night, this makes it an ideal sequential project :) - the only change are the last two bullets :)

Thank you! I’m going to try it out your way with some dummy projects over the next week and see if that works.