Time Zone ignored for Meeting Invites in OmniFocus 3.0.1 Mac

I just noticed that OmniFocus picked up a meeting invite that was in my inbox, but it had the timezone wrong. It shows it in Israeli time vs. my local PDT.

I am using v3.0.1 (v119.18 r318662). This really screws up my todo list for the day as I can have 10 meeting notices for the day and by showing the wrong time, it could really throw me off.

I’m pretty certain this is the calendar, not OmniFocus. If you don’t want to see events you haven’t added yourself then I suggest unticking the “Siri found in apps” calendar in the today view.

Thanks for the suggestion. Interesting thought. The only issue with that is that these other calendar appointments aren’t actually even showing on my calendar. Even with the Siri found in apps selected.