Time zone shifts

Can anyone tell me what to expect with time zone shifts? I will be going 12 hours ‘ahead’ while traveling in a few days and I don’t know what to expect from OmniFocus. For example, will a task or project that’s due at a particular date in time still be due at that same date and time, or will some kind of change take place because of the time zone shift?

When I search the forums I found posts that suggested there may be some issues, but those posts are a couple of years old and I’m not sure what the current situation is, although perhaps nothing has changed. I am using the latest version of OmniFocus on my Mac and iOS devices; when I poke around in the preferences I don’t see anything related to time zones. So, can anyone give me a heads up about what to expect? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

It’s still the case that OmniFocus times are stored in universal time, meaning that if you (for example) move from the West Coast of the US to the East Coast of the US (a three hour difference), all of your actions will appear three hours later in local time. This is desirable for externally-imposed due dates, but not so great for other use cases.

If you have OmniFocus Pro on your Mac, it’s possible to use a simple AppleScript to shift all un-completed actions by a given amount. We’ve written up that process here:


I hope you find the article helpful!

Thanks for that information, Dave. Let me confirm my understanding:

Let’s say I have a task that I see to be due at 5 pm on Thursday:

  • After traveling, I will be in a new time zone that’s 12 hours ahead of my current time zone.
  • Is the task I set for due on Thursday at 5 pm in my home time zone now going to show up as due on Friday at 5 am, to reflect my new time zone of being 12 hours ahead?

Correct. You can simulate this by changing your Mac’s system time / time zone manually before you go, by the way.

Thanks for confirming — this is logical to me and I think I understand how to approach time zone changes with OmniFocus.