Tip: subprojects as full projects inside project folders


Before I was organising subprojecs into action groups, however I found that it is easier to create a Project Folder for the master project, then put the subprojects there. That way you can clearly see your subprojects, otherwise they get lost within all the actions.



I am using a bit more complex structure like this:
folder “Regatta Toulon - Nice”

  • project “Visa to France”
  • folder “Tickets”
    – project “Tickets Moscow - Toulon”
    – project “Tickets Nice - Moscow”
  • folder “Ammunition”
    – project “Ammunition: sailing gear”
    – project “Ammunition: gadgets & equipment”
    and so on.

So, the structure contains:

  • megaproject “Regatta Toulon - Nice”;
  • project groups like “Ammunition”, containing projects;
  • projects.

Once I used subprojects (actions within actions) but found it not convenient.