Tips & Tricks for 2.0

Lots of discussions about features, bugs and whatnot, so thought I would start a thread to discuss cool features, tips and tricks in OmniFocus 2.0. I am sure all of these are documented somewhere, but I wanted to highlight some of the more obscure ones.

  • Any Perspective can be set to your sidebar by clicking on the Star icon in Perspectives window (PRO?)
  • Perspectives can now have custom key commands (COMMAND + 1, COMMAND +2, etc)
  • You can drag and drop a task in forecast view and it will change the due date, hold down OPTION + COMMAND and it will change due and defer dates
  • The Inbox Perspective side color goes grey if there is something in there
  • There are now stats at the bottom of the window including Tasks and Projects
  • You can re-order the Perspectives and that will re-order them in the sidebar (Pro?)
  • You can select multiple days in your forecast view and it keeps the days you selected when you come back to it.
  • You can drag and drop from Inbox into Projects to create a new project
  • Custom Perspective icons show up in the sidebar and are black and white when not selected (PRO)

Would love to learn more so share away.


I think we’ll be seeing updates to Asian Efficiency’s OmniFocus Premium Posts and Kourosh Dini’s Creating Flow with OmniFocus. There will be lots to learn from there.

I also forgot to mention this site:


I don’t think this is new. I already have key commands (Cntrl-X, Cntrl-M, etc.) for many Perspectives in OF1

I think what is new is you can override the built in perspective keys so taking back COMMAND + 1, etc.

I’m back to OF 2 after 2 year break and using Things 2. I’m liking OF 2 and plan to stay - flatter, yes, than OF 1 but enough hierarchy to avoid overload, interface clean and uncluttered. I would welcome a “dummies” guide to setting up a kanban view - I’m not adept at scripting and would love a-z instructions from someone who’s created a great kanban. While I’m at it, would love to know how to successfully do a “dummies” version of OF 2 completed tasks to Day One - haven’t been able to make that script work. I promise to pay it forward with tips and tricks I can offer! thank you

A separate thread mentions an option to create a Kanban via scripting, but also suggests, the scripts do not work. I followed there with an alternative method.

That’s a great list Jason. I’m mostly new to the forums and didn’t know about (1) the dragging and dropping in forecast view to change the due date; and (2) selecting multiple days in the forecast view.


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