To OF, my trial has ended, will switching to the Mac Store app from he free trial app lose my data?

To OF or anybody who knows

I know it’s synched to my account so my data will not be lost, but since the trial ended, I do not know if my last session was synchronised or not and cannot find out because it’s locked out?

Now my trial has ended, I want to buy the full version, from the Mac App store, will this install a fresh new OMNIFOCUS 2, meaning it will need to be synchronised from the web?

Thanks in advance here


i would recommend you to buy it directly from omni…

  1. Some of your money is going to apple (about 30%) and not to omni and they build the app, so they should get all the credit, right?
  2. It is much easier once there will be ever a new version to get upgrade pricing.
    And last but not least you don’t have to worry about your problem at all


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you will get app updates faster with the direct version.

If you get the Mac App Store version, it takes a while to get app store updates. OmniFocus (and other app developers) have to submit the update to apple. Then it goes into the review queue and it takes a little while before the App Store reviewers get around to it. Then it will eventually be approved and you can see the update.