Today button in OmniFocus .. or auto jump

Hi OmniGroup

I’m using OmniFocus for MAC, and would like to suggest a small change. When reviewing items, and wanting to change the Due (or deferred) dates to today or in the future, there isn’t a Today button.

If you haven’t checked an item for a while (I know!!), pressing the plus 1 day, 1 week, starts from the date against the item, and not from TODAY, stepping through all the dates. I know it’s only a small number of extra clicks, either to use the pop-up or input the date, or clicking and watching for the item to go Yellow for today, but when you are running down lots of items, and wanting to make them today, or tomorrow etc, it slows things down.

So, either have a ‘today’ button, to allow single click to Today, then +1 day etc … Or when any of the buttons are pressed for +1 day, start from Today … as the due dates in the past are not often required.

I know that if the date is blank, it will start from today, so the same method would solve the ‘minor’ issue.

I hope this make sense and isn’t too small a request.

many thanks for reading

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To make sure The Omni Group read your suggestion, send it to, as this forum primarily is intended for user discussions. I agree, a Today button would make sense. I have also wished that that the plus buttons would start from Today. The reason they don’t is probably that it then wouldn’t be possible to click more than one time on them to raise the number.

If you have the Pro version of Omnifocus, you could create a button that defers a task to today. This script from C-Command Software defers a task to tomorrow, and if you change ”+ 1” at the end of the script to ”+ 0”, it will defer tasks to today instead:
Defer to tomorrow

I think it will also be possible to make the script set due dates instead of defer dates.


+1 for this feature. It’s funny when I searched for it, a feature request from 2009 was my first hit. Come on Omnifocus! you have a great program, let’s make it even greater.