Today perspective - confused why some tasks are not showing

Fairly new to Omnifoucs, but looking to crate a today perspective following similar to

I have created the perspective and selected filter by “Due of Flagged”, however only one task shows.
When I check the built in Forecast perspective, I can see there are 4 tasks due today, including one that seems to be exactly the same time and context as the one that is showing in my newly created perspective.

I must be missing something… any ideas?

Many Thanks

Are the tasks that are not showing in your today perspective in projects that are marked sequential?
Do you have the perspective setting in your today view set to first available?

Ah. “First available” was causing the problem.
Thanks, I’ve had a read about that, and I think I now understand what First Available is for.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated.

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