Today Perspective

Somehow, between playing with the trial version and then purchasing the app and upgrading to Pro, I’ve lost the “Today” perspective. Can anyone please send me the perspective settings for the “Today” perspective? Thanks in advance.

There are two different meanings for “Today”.

  1. Today integration on the Mac itself where in System Preferences>Extensions>Today you can see your OmniFocus tasks on the Mac.
  2. The other meaning is inside of OmniFocus, as part of the Forecast you have the selection of “Today” which shows you only your OmniFocus tasks that are due today.

Both Standard and Pro versions have the Today view inside Forecast and have integration with the Mac OS X Today extension. The Pro version gives you more customization capability if you show a custom perspective-but that applies to the Mac “Today” extension mentioned in the first “Today” meaning. You can change what is shown under OmniFocus>Preferences>Notifications and you’ll see a “Show in Today” section. If you want to reset just notification preferences to default, in that panel of preferences click “reset”. If you want to go back to all defaults, go into OmniFocus preferences, hold down the Option key, and while it is still pressed click on “Reset All”. That will put you to default settings for the items you can set in the preferences. Those options apply to what shows in your Mac Today notifications. Some information on the integration with the Today extension which was added in OmniFocus 2 is available at

The today perspective inside of OmniFocus can be found by clicking on Forecast, and then select Today from the calendar view. The options for the Forecast will be under the “View” options. Click on the icon that looks like an Eye to see all of those choices which impact the Forecast view in OmniFocus (including the second meaning of Today).

I hope this helps rather than further complicating matters. Once I understood that there were two meanings to the word “Today” in OmniFocus, it helped me understand which settings went to which meaning of “Today”.

Good luck!


Thanks so much, very clear too!