"today shows items with this tag"

Is the feature “today shows items with this tag” in Forecaste perspective gone (macOs)?


You’ll find the “Today shows items with this tag” option at the top of the View options in the Forecast perspective, that can be accessed by clicking the View icon in the toolbar or by pressing ⇧⌘V.

Hello Mr. Stringer.
I´ve looked over there already, and it´s not there unfortunately.

Are you using the Standard or Pro version of OmniFocus 3? I seem to recall the Forecast tag being a Pro-only feature.

Hi Josh. OF3.8 for MacOs

Right, but there’s a Standard and Pro edition of OmniFocus. If you go to OmniFocus > About OmniFocus in the menu there should be a relevant message at the top.

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And you were right – I saw in the manual that this is a Pro feature. I’m afraid I have recommended it to another user that probably has the standard version…

That’s it! Thank you all guys!

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