Today & Watch leaves out tags in custom perspectives

I have a custom “Today” perspective that I use both inside the app and as my custom perspective for the Today widget and watch app. It shows due and flagged tasks, and those appear as expected in the widget and watch app. But since OmniFocus 3 came out, I’ve created a “Today” tag, which I include both in Forecast and in this custom perspective. Even though that perspective is selected in Today & Watch, the tasks that are tagged but not flagged or due do not appear in the widget or watch app.

Have I configured something incorrectly, or do the widget and watch app only show due or flagged tasks from custom perspectives? If it’s the latter, doesn’t that seem wrong? Shouldn’t it trust me that I want to see everything in that perspective?


Slightly different problem. I’m not talking about the Forecast perspective but rather a custom perspective that happens to include the tag I’ve chosen as my Forecast tag. In the past, it was my experience that Today & Watch would faithfully bring over a custom perspective, but now it seems to only include due or flagged items, or only acknowledge OF2 perspective rules, or something.

Are you loading your custom Today perspective from the bottom bar in the Watch app? You might need to scroll down (crown) so that the custom perspective appears there.

I have a custom perspective for this purpose as well, and it does show all the tasks matching its conditions.


Okay, I think what we have here is a bug, but I’ve fixed my problem. In response to your message, I tried a different custom perspective that worked fine. I went back to my Today perspective, and the tagged-only tasks were still not appearing. Then I decided to rebuild the Today perspective from scratch, using exactly the same rules, and it worked! But interestingly, the old one still didn’t work, and I could switch back and forth between the working and not-working ones.

The difference is probably something to do with the fact that the old one was an upgraded OF2 perspective. Building it from scratch as an OF3 one works.

That’s interesting! Well, at least it’s working now.