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Asking you for a bit of advice. I want to remind on a display after wake up…what should I do this day. To see what is in front of me and what has to be done particular day. Need to see the the today’s task every morning without opening the app. I am dealing with a notification every morning and need to see the OmniFocus notifications and reminders as well. Thank you!

You could use the new query tasks action in iOS 13 shortcuts with the new omnifocus version for iOS to do this each morning? Just search the db for any tasks due that day,

Can you share me the shortcut? You have it?

I would like to do this in the Shortcut I run from Drafts every morning - so a sample would be useful for me also.

Here’s my test shortcut

You will need the OF beta and iOS 13.1 for it to work I think.

What it does is it queries the OF database for any tasks due in the next 24h.
(you can calculate the timing in any other way you want)

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Ah. So not yet - for most of us.

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