ToDo until date? (Days left)


i want to know if it´s possible to create an ToDo which has an until setting.

I´ll explain.

Lets say its the 1st January and unitl 10 of the month i´ve to buy new pants.
So the i could do that thing today, at 2nd, 3rd, of January etc. until the 10 of January is reached.
(and a special thing, i´ve to buy new pants every 3 Month)

So i want to have it in my “Today” Perspektive every single Day until we reached the 10. January or I´ve done it.

Of course i could have a look in the “forcast” Perspective, but it´s to annoying to have a look on every single day what have to be done until the date is reached.

I hope i could explain my requirement ;-)

It seems you should set the action/todo to have a defer date of 1 January and a due date of 10 January.

But if it shows in your “Today” perspective, that depends on how you have it configured. If it is set to show actions that are ‘Any Status’ and ‘Available’, then your “buy pants” action would show up.

As for the Forecast, “buy pants” would only show up on the first day it’s deferred and the day it’s due. Any day in between wouldn’t show it.

If that doesn’t help, can you tell us how your Today perspective is configured?


it works fine for me

problem solved :-)

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