Tomorrow Perspective

Has anyone worked out the best settings for a custom Perspective which will show only those tasks that are about to become Available tomorrow, please?

IOW Defer dates tomorrow.


I think the best way to achieve this is via the Forecast perspective, then click on the date. Two clicks instead of one, but close.


Thanks, Scotty!

That’s very helpful. This is the best I could come up with:

But it doesn’t work too well…

Yeah, I think Forecast would probably work a lot better for this use case. I do use a similar perspective, though, as a linear radar of things to come.

If the thing you are trying to accomplish is to build up a list for the next day, this is my approach:

  1. Review all actions that are available grouped by context
  2. Flag and defer the things I want to do tomorrow

In that way, on the next day, I have a bunch of flagged things surfaced to my attention when the next day begins. I may also, on morning review, defer some things until later in the day to drive my focus on fewer things and/or keep things relevant based on context.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, that seems to make very good sense. Your help much appreciated, Scotty :-)