Too easy to unfocus

I’m not sure if this behaviour has changed recently, but I’m finding that I’m often jumping out of the focussed section of my outline and back to the ‘top’.

This happens when I (single) click in the ‘blank’ part of the Sections sidebar. And for some reasons that’s often the section of the outline I click when I’m wanting to bring an OO to the front. I’m wondering if previously a double-click was required.

I’m running OO 5.11.1 on MacOS Ventura.

I’m running 5.3.4 on Sierra (so very previously) and a single click will unfocus only if OO is already active. When clicking while OO is in the background, a double-click would be required to unfocus (i.e. single-click to make OO active, single-click to unfocus).

That said, my version goes back a ways. You might want to email support (Help > Contact Omni) and ask about the behaviour for your version.

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Thanks—I’ve sent an email to support.

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I just double-checked, and this is still how this behaves for me in the latest OmniOutliner (v5.11.1) on the latest macOS (v13.0.1 Ventura): if I’m click in the sidebar in an inactive window, it brings that window forward without changing that window’s focus. A second click, however, does change the focus.

(So if your mouse sometimes double-clicks when you mean to single-click, it would probably change the focus. It’s also possible that there are system settings which could affect this behavior: maybe the behavior is different if you’re using Stage Manager, for example? I haven’t tested that setup. Making a screen recording of the behavior to send to our support team might help them identify what’s happening.)

Thanks Ken,

I’ve sent a screen recording to email support. Something I noticed when producing the screen recording is there is a noticable delay between the OO window coming to the front and document becoming ‘unfocussed’. That fits with the second click theory—but I don’t notice this is in any other application. Counter the second click, if I move the pointer before the document is unfocussed the document still becomes unfocussed (i.e. the unfocussing occurs when the pointer is at another point of the screen).

I’m not using Screen Managerand I’m not running anything that manipulates the pointer (e.g. not running BetterTouchTool). I use an old magic trackpad.

Thanks for looking into it. Happy to provide anything else to help—though also realise it may be quite an outlier.