Track velocity/calculate completed items per week from OmniFocus

I am trying to calculate how many tasks and projects I finished in a week/day. Is there anyway I can have this count? Ideally I’d like to have the count aggregated by its containing folder.

This week there are 1 project and 24 items marked as completed inside the “Family” folder.

Ideally I’d like to do this built in within OmniFocus. If not, a web app that connects to OmniSync would also be ideal. My least preferred path would be using AppleScript - a starting point of how I can code

Just curious: what would be the use case for such a number? My tasks at least vary strongly in effort, rendering any number resulting from their addition useless. A completed perspective shows me the actual tasks done for a quick review ordered by time (yesterday, last week, last month)- this serves me good, indeed.

The idea is to compare the week’s “area of focus”. Have I spent too much time on errands and less on real work? Have I neglected the family beyond the usual?

The size of each task, in my mind matter less, as a single task may vary in effort but occupy more less the same mental burden.

The more I think about this the more I’m convinced the solution is to roll out my own solution. Perhaps an applescript that extracts all the folder, projects and tasks, then dump it to a sql database for query.

I just wish omnisync had a web api to to do this!


Ben Waldie wrote an AppleScript that I slightly modified that I use on a weekly basis which may be what you’re looking for…

While it doesn’t calculate the number for you, it will display a report based on whatever criteria that you want, (this week, last week, etc…)

The page is still there and you may be able to modify it to better suit your needs.

Hope this helps you.