Tracking changes?

Is there any way to keep track of changes in an Omnioutliner document? Some smart formatting that only applies to existing text, so that I can write new words in-between without that formatting? Or the other way around: having all new words in an existing row written in a different style so that I could recognize them?

It sounds like you are asking about revision (or version) tracking. I know Pages has this feature (has strikethrough for deleted text and color highlighting for new. Can also add margin line to highlight section further).

I don’t think OO has that ability. You could create a new names style in the Sidebar but it wouldn’t be automatic; you would probably have to highlight and apply the style for each change.

I was just hoping that someone had some kind of formatting trick to separate new words in a text passage from existing ones. It’s probably not possible without, as you suggest, manually applying the format. I only wished to stay in Omnioutliner for simple changes. When I need more advanced revision tracking, I use Word.

ARGH! Not Pages? ;-)

Haha – dare I say that I find Word so much better in most respects?

I liked the older version of Pages better. One of the major upgrades removed tons of features for some reason (like Mail Merge and fields). I hate they are gone but, for as much as I use it and the current usage, I don’t see the need for jumping to Word.

I’m glad that we’re both satisfied with our choices!

Not satisfied… but tolerating.

Sorry, I realized that I used the wrong word. But I guess Apple will continue to work the removed features back into the application.