Tracking/Timing Tasks : My Dream OF/2 Functionality

I’m going through the same thing at the moment. I work with a team that uses Toggl and I tried out the integration with Todoist a few weeks ago. It’s really clever and might just tip me over to Todoist in 2018. To be able to start a timer from a task and have toggl use the task details instead of entering the data twice is a dream.

I love OmniFocus, it’s been my constant rock for many, many, years, but I’m starting to struggle now I work with a team who use Trello, Slack and Toggl.

Sorry for my late reply to do this.

No, I never found a way way to sen Omnifocus and Toggl.

I actually use Omnifocus and Vitamin-R, which is not a task timer app but rather a Pomodoro app. I still wish there was a way to integrate a task timer feature in Omnifocus… Lets hope the Omni developers take heed!

Good luck, and keep me posted…

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Vitamin-R is horrible.

Seriously, this is super simple to implement and it would be a killer feature.


On that we concur. Lets hope OmniFocus can include this feature!

Thanks for all of your help…

Nothing is as simple as it seems. 🤔


its a bit hard but more worth it! :)

I’m new to the forum, but thought I offer some input.

My solution to the challenge is Shortcuts on iOS. I created a shortcut that let’s me pick from my tasks in OmniFocus & starts a Toggle timer with the name of the task (via the app Timery). I can also pick a project & tag in the Shortcut. It is an extra step as there is no direct integration but I noticed it makes me more aware of potential multi tasking & increases my focus.

If anybody is interested, I can share some screenshots or the actual shortcut!


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