Trouble positioning guides

I am having trouble positioning guides. I have tried with Smart Guides on and off, but when I drag them, they always seem to jump over the position I want them in. For example, I want to place the guideline at 36.7 cm, but the drag jumps from 36.5 to 36.8 cm. I opened the Guide Inspector (the pink box icon) and my one guide line is listed at 65 cm, but I don’t have any guides at 65 cm. When I change the numbers in the Inspector, my guide doesn’t move.
Peter Wilson

“This is a feature not a bug” I’ve come across the same problem… I’d also prefer to have some sort of a key to make the guides snap to a whole number as in Photoshop, i.e. when I hold the command key down while dragging a guide it will snap.

My issue is the opposite–I’m trying to place a guideline that matches existing objects, and the guidelines jump at increments over the location where I’m trying to place them.
I have been able to work around this by changing the zoom. The guideline increments get smaller the more you zoom. Under 400% in increment seems to be .05 cm, and above 400% the increment is .01 cm.

If your grid is larger, this won’t help much.