Trying to find the best workflow for my writing


After experimenting with windows and android I have found my way back into the wonderful hands of apple. I’m in the process of converting over from MS Office sweet to Apples; and want to incorporate omnifocus and omnioutliner.

I’m finding a couple different things difficult conversion wise that I would love some thoughts on.

  • Books/Blogs: I’m interested in using omni outliner for written drafts. I’d like to export into pages with formatting. Does anyone have a preferred method of getting this done?
  • Documents with tables: Is it possible to create sections of a document which have more or less columns than other sections? Overall exporting tables seems to be a bit of an issue as a whole.

From playing around it seems that doing this programmatically might be best, but this is only my first day playing with it.

Thanks for any direction as I get started with things!

Exporting as Microsoft Word (indented) from OmniOutliner will leave all your colors and styling intact from OO. Provides a nice transition to word processing in Pages for me.