Trying to understand why projects show up in Contexts?

As I use OF2, I keep getting caught out by projects showing up in Contexts, including “No Context”.

To my mind, contexts govern actions, not projects so it feels disconcerting to see actions and projects grouped together in context-based views.

Projects and groups are themselves completable objects. For some people, it is important that they be able to mark them as complete while working out of the Contexts view.

If you don’t use projects this way, you can click the View item in the toolbar and uncheck “Include projects and groups.”

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How come I don’t see that “Include projects and groups” option when clicking on View in Contexts? (I can’t take a screenshot with Grab since the View pop-up disappears whenever switching away from the OmniFocus application)

Between the time I took that screenshot and the release of OmniFocus 2.0, that setting moved to Preferences, because it affects all context-mode perspectives, not just the built-in Contexts perspective.

Pressing Command-Shift-4 (at any time, even if Grab is not running) will enter a mode where you can drag your cursor to save a screenshot to the desktop. If you hit the spacebar instead of dragging, then it will switch to a mode where clicking on a window (which will be highlighted as your mouse rolls over it) will save a screenshot of that window to the desktop.

Great, thank you! I figured it was likely a change since the beta, given that the top part of the View pop-up had changed in look, as well. I’m not sure how I missed it there in Preferences, especially since Preferences is so slimmed down since OF1.