Tweak the Project Folder Script - Request for Help

Hi All,

I am asking for help on a JXA script, posted here by @draft8, linked at the bottom of this post.

The script works as described, but I’d like to have it work differently. I am completely new to JXA and my poking and prodding at the script has not yielded the results I need.

The script creates a Finder folder based on the selected OmniFocus project’s name. If the Finder folder already exists, it opens that Finder folder.

There are two tweaks I would like to this original script.

  1. No prompt. The original script, if no Finder folder is found, asks if you would like to create a Finder folder. I always want to create a Finder folder, if none exists, and so I do not need this prompt.
  2. Ignore OmniFocus folders. The original script, if the OmniFocus project is in a folder, will include the OmniFocus folder structure in the created Finder folder. I do not want to replicate OmniFocus’ folder structure in Finder.

Thank you in advance,