Two questions about custom perspectives

I am a new OF user. I try to use a pretty simple setup for my workflow:
I have two big categories: work and home. Both are implemented as tags (two tags)
In addition I have three categories: Today, Pri0, Pri1
. Also implemented as tags (three tags)
And this setup results in six custom perspectives: WorkToday,WorkPri0,… . WorkToday and HomeToday are included in Today view (today items do not have real date attached, only tags because these are “virtual” today). This setup helps me to have clear priorities and at the same time change anything if needed by just swapping tags.

Two questions that I cannot figure out how to do:

  1. Custom perspectives still show completed items :( and I do not see state filter
  2. How to automatically create items with needed tags? Custom perspectives are read-only. I really would like click on perspective and add item that will have needed tags. E.g.if I promised something I just click WorkToday and add item that automatically gets Work and Today tags

Thank you in advance!

To answer your first question:
You’ll need to add an Availability item to your Perspective’s filter rules. Either “Availability: Available”, or add a “None of the following” item and within that include “Availability: Completed”.

It’s hard to answer your second question without knowing how your Perspectives are setup, and I’m not sure what you mean by read-only. But within mine, I can create new tasks and have them adopt the tag that I’m creating them within.

thank you very much! Availability helped with question #1 (did not expect that state will be named “availability” :)

as for Q #2

this is my perspective setup (with the brand new “availability filter” :) ). What I want - I want to avoid writing tags manually in the Inbox. I want to click to this “Work Today” on the left panel and add an item that will have these two tags (Work + Today) set (instead of clicking “Inbox” and manually adding these two tags).

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