Typing "8 am" sets as overdue today, instead of due tomorrow

Scenario: It’s 4 pm. I type “8 am” in the “due” box. OmniFocus then translates this as due at 8 am today, in the past.

This seems extremely backwards to me. The default ought to be the next available occurrence of whatever time I input.


The current behaviour is that if you don’t specify a date or day, Today is assumed.

Best move is to submit a feature request to Omni support to get this changed

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Done and done.

“Liked” to work within OG’s sysstm works, +1 for the traditionalists… “today” as a default makes sense in general, but it’s at least as sensible to expect that users will make entries for future, not past, events.

I agree that if I enter Saturday in the start box that I would always want it to start next Saturday (otherwise would not enter a date). Not so sure that this logic would apply for a due date although if I wanted to enter a due date of the same day I would likely type “today.”

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