Unable to change Perspective icons

I have OF2 Pro and I seem to be unable to change the default perspective icons. Dragging the new icons over shows the green plus symbol, but icon does not change. I do not have the option to manually select the icon.

If I create a new perspective I can change the icons just fine. Am I missing a setting somewhere that allows me to change the icons?

Normally you can only change the icons for perspectives you have created yourself - not for the built-in perspectives.

But technically you can also change the default perspectives’ icons, but you have to modify the OmniFocus.app for that by replacing the icons, that the OmniGroup uses:

  • first quit OmniFocus!

  • go to your Applications folder

  • control-click on the OmniFocus.app

  • from the context menu choose “show package contents”

  • then in /Contents/Resources/ you will find all icons as .png-files

Alternatively you can choose from the Finders menubar > Go > “Go to folder” and paste " /Applications/OmniFocus.app/Contents/Resources” to go there.

As you want to change the icons on the left side panel, look for the ones with the name beginning with “tab”.
For example

  • “tab-context.png” is the icon for the review-tab, which is used when not viewing this tab
  • “tab-contexts@2x.png” is for the same purpose but used for retina resolution
  • “tab-contexts-selected.png” is the icon used when viewing this tab
  • “tab-contexts-selected@2.png” is for the same purpose but for retina resolution

Please note, that this is a hint from a user and does not come from the OmniGroup. Please also note, that with the installation of every update of OmniFocus your changes will be lost as the the default package contents will be the default again.

We really shouldn’t have to open the application bundle.