Unable to complete repeated tasks?

I’m very new to OmniFocus, but experienced in the task management game. I have a few monthly reminders that I just set up in OmniFocus, but they don’t seem to want to go away.

It only happens with tasks that repeat (so far I’ve only had monthly repeating tasks) and every time I try to check them off, there defer and due dates increase by one month, yet they still show up on my past forecast as overdue.

Any help would be appreciated, I’m really enjoying OmniFocus so far and think it can take me a lot of places!!

what ‘repeat’ mode are you using?

Is it possible that these items are in a Project or Action group which has a due date in the past?

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The tasks were inside a project with an October 8th defer date on it. It seemed to be the problem and when I removed the due date and defer date they disappeared.

So a Question arises: If the project doesn’t show up in forecast, how can this be useful while making a list?

If they were showing in the Past Due section of Forecast due to the inherited due date of Oct 8 but had explicit due dates far in the future (presumably you checked many months of repetition off while trying to figure out what was up), it makes sense that they are no longer appearing in that section, as they are no longer past due. If their due or defer dates are within the range that Forecast shows, they should appear in the Forecast sections for those days.

What are the due and defer dates for the current iteration of those repeating items?

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